Coronavirus Update

Dear Friends, 

How are you doing? Are you and your loved ones safe? 

With Covid-19 severely affecting the United States, countless events, and gatherings have been indefinitely cancelled. 
I can only imagine your frustration, and understand the fear surrounding our global health crisis.  

If I can be of service to you—even remotely in times such as these!—please let me know how I can best help: 

Also, if you are looking for ways to support the music community during this scary time, a few organizations have organized ways to help. Here are a few resources: 

• (San Jose): San Jose Jazz: 

• (Bay Area): The Music Relief Project: 

• (Bay Area) Theatre Bay Area: 

• (Bay Area) Intersection for the Arts: 

• (East Coast) Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation: 

• (USA) Artist Relief Project: 

• (International) MusiCares Relief Fund: 

And thank you for showing so much love in the midst of this unprecedented time. I look forward to seeing you on the other side of this (perhaps even with a live-streamed concert?). 

💕 Jackie

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